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06/03 17:02
@spampistefania @D_SAVRE @Station19 stop it you're literally the most beautiful human being and i can't wait for the ep tonight 😭
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06/03 16:09
@barrett_doss @Station19 Can't wait to listen to your beautiful voice! You're such an incredible singer! ❤️
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06/03 15:14
Oh my 😍 @JainaLeeOrtiz how beautiful and stunning❤️ #Station19
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06/03 14:58
Of course, have to thank the incredible work of @KristaVernoff @Harparbar @TheKileyDonovan & @S19Writers for this season of #station19.
Not only did they manage to pull off a tv show during a pandemic, it was beautiful & meaningful.
Beyond grateful to have been part of it ❤️🚒
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06/03 14:53
The #greysanatomy & #Station19 writers, cast, directors, editors, producers&crews moved mountains this season. It’s indescribable how complex it was to make these shows amidst a pandemic. Tonight’s finales are a celebration of survival, of all that is still beautiful, of love. ❤️
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