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06/16 21:49
Kyle has no class or proper manners. Did @KyleRichards ever apologize 2 #DoritKemsley 4 swearing at her during 2 dinner parties& screaming at her constantly lst yr? Didn’t think so🙄. Kathy has such class & poise so hard 2 believe they’re even related #RHOBH
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06/16 21:15
Kathy Hilton between a rock and a dumber rock. #RHOBH
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06/16 21:07
Kathy Hilton wearing a 🐐 charm on her head just cured my depression #RHOBH
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06/16 21:01
Kathy, is the definition of wealth. She doesn’t need the label to prove herself or her status. Kinda wild to watch the label competition happening while she’s like “this is me, suck it!” I fucking LOVEEEEE IT! #rhobh
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06/16 20:59
Lmaooo Kathy said “when I’m actually IN Paris this how I dress”. I love the casual shade #rhobh
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