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05/04 22:02
He might not come back..... but that phone needs to 👀🤷🏽‍♀️ #catfish
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05/04 21:56
I don’t believe she will ever send that phone back. #Catfish
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05/04 21:55
So y’all aint gettin that phone back ...
But she just gone casually say it’s in her purse like that? #Catfish
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05/04 21:50
@KamieCrawford @NevSchulman did she send back the phone?? The fans wanna know #catfish
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05/04 21:50
Kamie wasted no time like, "Soooo, you're sending that phone back, right?"

I am SO glad there is a Black presence on this show now. #Catfish
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