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04/26 21:08
Another forced EddieAna scene? Great job 🙄. You guys don't get it! #911onFOX
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04/26 21:04
no bc they’ve been so great at creating well-developed relationships that we can all really connect with + that just make so much sense, meanwhile eddieana feels so forced + bland. there’s no chemistry, no purpose, + we just don’t have any reason to truly care for them. #911onFOX
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04/26 21:02
the eddieana scene was so random bro 😹 literally just unnecessary #911onfox
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04/26 21:02
that eddieana scene did not fit here at all also how the fuck did we go this whole episode w no eddie christopher scene #911onFOX
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04/26 21:01
we were anticipating eddieana this whole time and yet i STILL got jumpscared #911onFOX
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