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04/24 19:41
It’d be cool if the unionized #SNL cast refused to work with committed union-buster Elon Musk
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04/24 19:34
yeah, no - SNL. I must admit it's been a bit sad to realize that I have you on perma-edit...opening, first few sketches, maybe the musical and weekend update, then off. But Elon Musk? No editing needed, GoT reruns are fun. #SNL
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04/24 18:33
@JewdyGold @elonmusk @nbcsnl And Elon Musk, like Trump, is an asshole. Actually, it makes sense because #SNL had Trump host too.
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04/24 18:19
Elon Musk: Expectations vs. Reality
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04/24 18:11
Manifesting @MileyCyrus embarrassing Elon Musk on #SNL.
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