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04/23 21:26
Spoiler alert! 🚨 The queens have spoken and your next Miss Congeniality has been crowned w/ a little help from our current reigning, @HeidiNCloset 💓

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04/23 21:25
Let me go look at Drag Race’s trending page. I know the racists are losing it right now. A black Miss Congeniality AND there’s going to be a winner of color? I know they losing it right now. #DragRace
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04/23 21:24
I was not expecting Lala Ri to win Congeniality but this was a pleasant surprise and I’m so proud of her #DragRace
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04/23 21:24
it was THIS moment i knew Lala Ri was gonna win the miss congeniality #DragRace
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04/23 21:23
It feels very right that LaLa Ri won Miss Congeniality, she was such a joy and light on the screen the whole season #DragRace
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