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04/21 23:18
When Franklin dropped dat cane and walked off #SnowfallFX
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04/21 23:18
@AntonOakley @SUPREMEGEE35 @SnowfallFX Saint always overcomes no matter how the deck is stacked against him. He walked out telling mel he knows where she be and he doesn't need the cane cause overcame her attack too #savage
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04/21 23:09
Nigga put the cane down bc he didn’t need a crutch anymore. Literally or figuratively #SnowfallFX #BigBrickEnergy
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04/21 23:07
THE CANE GONE BE GONE NEXT SEASON!! I was tired of that limp chile 😂 #SnowfallFX
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04/21 23:04
@SnowfallFX I knew he didn’t need that cane...he was walking too fast on it at the beginning hospital scene...😂😂😂😂
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