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04/19 22:01
Catfish or not, you gotta be super sick in the head to fake cancer and going missing for attention. DAMN.
7 19
04/19 21:58
@reconjerry That Vivian chick that was a Laker fan was a catfish the whole time. She faked cancer and lied about missing since last night. 😂
1 6
04/19 21:54
@rajes829 @DantheLakersFAN @LakersOnly4me @SOULbeautifulme @laker @lakerWURLD @KarriKuzma @Mrsjdiaz7six @itsnotapril A girl name Vivian was a catfish account and she lied abt being missing then another guy josh toss guess it was him I guess cat fishing lmao 😂 a lot of drama
0 4
04/19 21:37
Not y’all deleting y’all tweets crying about the missing catfish lmfaooooo
3 23
04/19 21:37
she went from a missing woman to a catfish who is faking cancer.

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