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04/20 16:33
Reading about this catfish situation on lakers twitter is the most attention i've ever paid to something NBA-related, so clearly a major account on MLB twitter being outed as a catfish is the key to bringing in new fans. You're welcome in advance, @MLB
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04/20 15:59
that lakers twitter thing is insane. thank god hockey twitter would never have an elaborate catfish revealed in dramatic fashion
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04/20 15:49
not the NBA twitter got trolled by a CGI three body made catfish mf just put hella people together on one body and said lakers 🤝
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04/20 15:32
Do I understand what’s going on with the Super League? No. Do I understand the Lakers podcast catfish story? Also no.
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04/20 15:27
It blows my mind that they talked about the Lakers Catfish thing on Good Morning America
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