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04/11 02:17
Kid Cudi paying tribute to Kurt Cobain on #SNL tonight ♥️
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04/11 01:34
These gay music executives are running through the black male rappers. Kid Cudi is the latest victim. #SNL
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04/11 01:33
Pete Davidson, Timothée Chalamet, and Kid Cudi in Malibu after dinner at Nobu Malibu sometime in 2018(?). Definitely pre-weirdlittleflute days.
#snl #weirdlittleflute
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04/11 01:33
Kid Cudi does have a Kurt Cobain tattoo and has sampled Cobain in his own music. Strong #MentalHealthAwareness and #SuicidePrevention connection if this fashion choice is in tribute to the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. #SNL
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04/11 01:21
Candace Owens after she sees kid cudi in the dress #SNL
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