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04/11 00:12
Also, I am obsessed with the fact @STEEEZUSCHRIST and @danbulla wrote “Weird Little Flute” and “Tiny Horse” and Timothee Chalamet was in both. #snl
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04/11 00:10
What you needed to see @RealChalamet with his weird little flute #snl
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04/11 00:08
The last 2 clips that #TimotheeChalamet has been in have been gold. That’d be ”Weird Little Flute” and “Tiny Horse.” #SNL
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04/11 00:06
Timmy Chalamet loves…
That weird little flute! #kidcudi #SNL
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04/11 00:06
The "Weird Little Flute" song and music video that Chris Redd, Pete Davidson and Kid Cudi did was really good and funny. #SNL
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