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04/10 23:47
Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford were super cute together in the monologue. And also she can do no wrong. #snl
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04/10 23:46
#SNL should bring back the Mumford and Sons husband back as a host! FACTS
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04/10 23:45
Monologue: Carey Mulligan was very charming. Given that she talked a bit about being nervous, having her husband pop in made sense, and fortunately, his comic timing was decent enough to not ruin the bit. Certainly the best publicity Mumford & Sons has had lately... #SNL
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04/10 23:43
Some people are probably surprised to learn Carey Mulligan is British.

Some other people are probably surprised to learn
Marcus Mumford is British.

And still others are probably surprised they are married.

Not me -- I knew all of the above.
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