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04/09 18:40
imo it’s harder to play as a catfish and keep up the pretence of being someone else 24/7 than playing as yourself so Natalya definitely deserves it #TheCircle
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04/09 18:39
Everybody in this series of The Circle has been so exciting and funny to watch, and favs aside I’m really happy for Natalya, who played a catfish so well!

Absolutely going to have ALERT withdrawal symptoms but I’m relieved I can start going to bed earlier again 👴🏼
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04/09 18:35
Absolutely loving that Felix/Natalya has won the circle!! Even though she was a catfish she did such a good job!
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04/09 18:30
Andy rn when Natalya, the ‘catfish’ won #thecircle
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04/09 18:24
I feel so bad for Natalya. The boys get away with being a catfish. Not the girls though. #TheCircle
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