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04/05 00:05
@HilarieBurton has 100% won my heart on @AMCTalkingDead with her commentary! love this woman! The absolute perfect Lucille! #TWD
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04/04 23:59
@AMCTalkingDead A moment of silence for this legend. 🕯#Lucille #TWD
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04/04 23:30
.@HilarieBurton you were sooooo incredible!! thank you for bringing lucille to life ❤️ #twd #heresnegan
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04/04 22:43
the look at the end confuses me a lot though. the entire narrative of this episode focused on redemption & moving on from the past. burning lucille was a sign of that as well, but then he rocks up to alexandria smirking? i just don't see the ideology behind that? #TWD
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04/04 22:18
I don’t know who decided to put Hilarie in as Lucille but it was a very wise choice. #TWD
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