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03/31 23:09
I gotta figure out how to market to dudes on tinder for new pics. This shit is ridiculous 😂 yall call us catfish? Hello 18 year old, 40lb lighter, and highschool sport pic, how are ya🤦🏼‍♀️
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03/31 22:36
if I was a catfish I’d like sneak pics of me in like “y’all my friend going on a date and they sent me this fit😬😭” and if there was enough “whats they @ tho👀” I’d probably say I’m doing a mental health break and that my friend taking over my account like a month or so later
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03/31 18:01
Thinking about the time I catfished on Tinder with Clairo for my pics when I was in Hungary and met this dude. Added him on snap, told him I was a catfish, he was cool with it, and now we are internet friends.
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03/31 14:46
There's a catfish in my area trying to (I guess never meet people?) using pics of Suruthi from @RedHandedthepod
And while I'd be All Over That, I doubt the real one is not "in my area" near Paris. No.
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