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03/31 21:56
Maja: my family are my accountability partners

Maja’s family: here have some cake. #my600lblife
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03/31 21:54
Maja’s family is the reason why she is like this. Telling her she looks amazing knowing damn well she ain’t lost no weight since surgery is a joke 🤣 #my600lblife
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03/31 21:53
Maja family is really at that table playing in her face and lying to her #my600lblife
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03/31 21:52
Overexertion isn't one of your problems, Maja. #My600LBLife
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03/31 21:51
Please let this be Maja's last time ever on #my600lblife . This big azzed Debbie Downer is alone for a reason. Old bish just want somebody around to blame 💩 on.
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