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04/08 18:22
@C4TheCircle I really hope Syed wins, he’s such a great lad. Even though he’s a catfish, he’s so genuine. “What the bloody” is going to be our favourite catchphrase!
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04/08 17:57
the way that everyone’s accepted syed is most likely a catfish but can tell he’s just the most wonderful human with a genuine, selfless heart is so precious. hashu deserves that 100k. he may be a catfish but he’s his mask in the best way he possibly could’ve #TheCircle
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04/08 17:56
Syed/Hashu brings out the best in people.

He's not bitter or spiteful and he's played the game gracefully even though he's a catfish.

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04/08 17:45
I think Andy is going to be more heartbroken about Syed being a catfish than Manrika will be about Felix #TheCircle
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04/08 17:35
I absolutely LOVE Syed/Hashu but he's seriously terrible at spotting the catfish 😂😂😂 one convo with someone and he's like well they are 100% real 😂😂😂 #TheCircle
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