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03/28 20:06
@DaveKindred watching your story on #60Minutes . You sir are a true inspiration to all writers!
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03/28 19:44
Cool... they're doing the Terminator Origin Story...now we just have to wait 10 years for it to become sell aware and destroy us...

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03/28 19:35
Hey #60Minutes, @BretWeinstein has been on this story from the beginning. He’s been raising these questions since the start of the pandemic. Where have you guys been??
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03/28 19:34
No doubt in my mind #COVID19 came from the #WuhanLab - the story of an infected animal is a fairy tale. #60Minutes
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03/28 07:01
60 Minutes: Valentine Low: Knew the couple were litigious & fact checked everything. Something serious happened when 2 yrs later Staff have still not recovered. (M&H have never threatened to Sue The Times!). Told story of Kate crying M slamming door in her face.
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