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04/04 05:09
quote with your catfish pictures.
(tweeting these pictures before i start hating them)
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04/04 03:51
Catfish alert !!!! Using someone else’s pictures without consent and claiming to be that person. Please do the needed and report people
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04/03 17:30
Since apparently it's still going on, if you see these pictures anywhere but my Twitter account or my Discord account it's a catfish lol. I don't use any other social media.
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04/03 16:12
@TheNicoleT_ @ironsevs Firstly, you're gorgeous in both pictures. Heck that person. Secondly, not wearing makeup isn't clickbait/catfish. I'm so tired of seeing these comments. Not everyone wants to look "glam" all the time. Stream should be a safe space to share rough times too; it's your community.
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