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03/26 13:50
What exactly does the Logan name stand for? The only things I know that coven being known for is standing around and gossiping, and chasing down rich men who may or may not already be engaged or married.
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03/26 13:42
Too many Logan’s at FC! Why don’t they take all their expertise and start their own company! Go back to catering! #BoldandBeautiful
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03/26 13:39
So who is fucking Flogans man to initiate her as a Logan???

Katie come thru girl

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03/26 13:39
What’s the big deal about using the Logan name anyways? She’ll be changing it soon with the Wyatt proposal incoming. #BoldandBeautiful
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03/26 11:31
Bell is so threatened by the #Tridge Family! #Boldandbeautiful he can't reunite them because in fear of Bridge becoming more disliked. @alexicon123 So he axed Phoebe, is trying to make Douglas a Logan and keeps Taylor off-screen. What a shit man.
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