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04/09 19:52
Not gonna lie, gutted he didn’t win but seeing Manrika not only realise she had been catfished the whole time.. but that same catfish won the 100k over her was just the perfect karma and I’ll accept that ending. WHAT THE BLOODY 🤣🤣🤣 #TheCircle
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04/09 19:00
It's funny how even whilst being a catfish and conning #Manrika #Natalya #Felix still appeared more genuine and likeable then Manrika. #TheCircle
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04/09 18:58
I can’t believe Manrika not only lost to a catfish that was playing her ‘Circle boyfriend’, but it was her vote that won them £100K #TheCircle
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04/09 18:56
Manrika saying 'you could have warned me' to Andy & Hashu about Felix being a catfish.....Your best friend literally told you and you blocked her you absolute weapon 🤦🏻‍♂️ #TheCircle
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04/09 18:55
Manrika was one of only two people in the final who wasn’t an actual catfish, yet still managed to be the fakest snakiest person there! 🤣

#TheCircle #Manrika
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