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04/09 19:09
circle message: natalya winning the circle just made my entire day, i wanted her to win from day one. she played being a catfish as felix so well. she is an amazing girl inside and out, and deserves this win so much ❤️ #fistybump 👊🏻 send #thecircle
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04/09 18:33
Even though I was SO routing for ‘Uncle Syed’ or Andy to win, ‘Felix’ did play the perfect catfish! Well done Natalya! 👏🎉 #thecircle #thecircleuk @C4TheCircle
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04/09 18:32
I'm so happy Natalya/Felix won gutted for syed but still a catfish should win because they put in the most work loool this is like kate all over again #TheCircle
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04/09 18:31
CATFISH LEGEND!!!!!! What a phenomenal result she really did deserve it for tricking and fooling everyone there for so long and being quite entertaining as well. Natalya/Felix is a legend of the game #TheCircle
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04/09 18:31
#TheCircle WHAT a result. 👏 Yes Felix was a catfish, but he was played in an absolutely fantastic way and what a genuinely nice person Natalya seems to be 🎉🎉🎉
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