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03/21 05:30
She will stay with gaslighting trash because she doesn’t like confrontation and abandonment. She needs some serious help, this is painful to watch
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03/21 05:27
Where's John and his lecture about gaslighting now?? #mafs
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03/21 05:18
“I’m too scared to upset him”- why are they letting this poor woman sit next to an extremely aggressive, controlling, gaslighting man week after week is beyond me. @MarriedAU #MAFS #MAFSAU #MAFSAustralia #MarriedAtFirstSight
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03/21 05:14
Gaslighters asking for examples of when they were gaslighting is classic gaslighting behaviour. #MAFS #MAFSAUS
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03/21 05:10
"It is a classic case of gaslighting. We watched you do it for hours at the dinner party. It has to stop".

Yet Mike did it for an entire season but not once did you call him out, John.

Go figure.
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