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03/15 23:00
i want Emmanuel to be the new host permanently and forever #TheBachelor
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03/15 22:59
#TheBachelor Best statement from Emmanuel Acho tonight during the Bachelor’s Final Rose, “History is meant to be remembered. Not all history is meant to be celebrated.”
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03/15 22:59
Petition for Emmanuel Acho to permanently replace Chris Harrison as host. He was PHENOMENAL tonight!! #TheBachelor
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03/15 22:58
Emmanuel Acho: “Do you guys want to share one last embrace” #TheBachelor #ATFR
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03/15 22:58
anyone else shook how emmanuel acho is just so dynamic, giving us actual reactions (little giggles and confused faces) as opposed to robotic chris harrison? give him the job. #TheBachelor
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