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04/18 05:58
04/18 05:57
Ok we gotta Area 51 this shit and storm Channel 9 to get answers on the videos they're refusing to show about Liam and Georgia.

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04/18 05:56
Liam really is such an arrogant prick who can't take responsibility for his words or actions. I'm so disappointed in him... he wants others to accept him but he won't accept anyone else & he doesn't know how to love anyone else but himself 🙄🙄🙄 #mafs #mafsAU #MAFSAustralia
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04/18 05:56
Kerry looking at Liam 😂😂 #MAFSAustralia #MAFS #MAFSAU
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04/18 05:56
Even knowing what we know about the party where Liam was fat shamed and Georgia laughed, watching the #mafs recap Liam is still a dick. #mafsau
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