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04/18 05:57
Who the fuck laughs at someone's homophobic rant about their "first true love"?

Shut up, Georgia

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04/18 05:55
'my first real love' .... fuck off georgia, love doesn't go on a homophobic rant and post the video to the internet mocking someone. get in the bin. #MAFSAU #mafs
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04/18 05:52
How much did Georgia's mum pay the producers to make her look so innocent?? Wow... This is appalling. Show the damn video!!

#mafs #mafsau
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04/18 05:49
They better show that video Georgia shared on her Instagram story #MAFSAU #MAFS
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04/18 05:48
How does Georgia look like a different person from the dinner party?! #mafs #mafsau
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