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05/07 10:01
“God’s plan isn’t all so easy to understand.”
- April Kepner (@sarahdrew) 💙
#Japril #GreysAnatomy
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05/07 08:22
i love you april. i always have. i love everything about you even the things i don't like, i love and I want you with me. i love you and i think that you love me, too. do you?✨

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05/07 06:35
April Kepner being April Kepner who doesn't know how to calm down 🤪 Favorite part❤️ @sarahdrew @iJesseWilliams @GreysABC #japril #GreysAnatomy
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05/07 06:22
Greys Anatomy is bringing back all the old cast like April, O’malley, Slexie and Derek so Shonda Rhimes you BETTER BRING BACK YANG !!! i’m praying for it 😩 #GreysAnatomy
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05/07 06:19
Did anyone else scream of happiness when April she and Mathew spilt !!!#GreysAnatomy #japril @sarahdrew @iJesseWilliams
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