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03/10 23:11
I really do love how everyone was involved in that episode. It was an important story to tell and each of them had a piece in it from their reactions to the psych evaluation to Wheelan to their concern for each other. What a solid ripped from the headlines episode #ChicagoPD
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03/10 22:54
Wheelan trying to take the easy way out. Hell no. #ChicagoPD
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03/10 22:49
chile, i for sure would’ve let tj have wheelan idc #ChicagoPD
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03/10 22:48
03/10 22:47
Wheelan, stop asking for your cuffs off. Ruzwater is a little busy right now, trying to make sure you stay alive so they can take you in. Read the room dude. #ChicagoPD
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