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08/15 23:17
@Elementary_CBS Here's to an unforgettable series with a phenomenal cast! Sherlock and Joan we will miss you...Thank you for a great run! #Elementary
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08/15 23:11
@Elementary_CBS @ELEMENTARYStaff thank you so much for 7 amazing seasons. there was never a boring episode. @LucyLiu thank you is never gonna be enough but thank you for portraying watson the way you did. #JonnyLeeMiller thank you for being the best sherlock holmes. #Elementary
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08/15 23:10
I know, but I was not ready to accept the fact. 😭😭😭
Perfect ending! 😭😭
sherlock and watson 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
#Elementary #LucyLiu
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08/15 23:08
@Elementary_CBS Although I am going to miss this show, I am glad the elementary writers showed everyone how to end a show the right way. What a perfect send off for Sherlock and Watson! #Elementary
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08/15 23:07
I can't believe it's over 😭 thank you for giving us such an amazing show! I'm gonna miss it like crazy but I'm really happy with the way you guys wrapped it up for good. Joan and Sherlock, living their happily ever after, kicking ass and being iconic 💚
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