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03/03 21:43
#my600lblife Aw Geez! A wheelchair on the highway?! A gym during Covid?! Really?!
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03/03 21:39
#My600lbLife Somebody please tell me how COVID-19 affected her? She didn't have a damn job to lose! Hubby didn't have a damn job. There was no change to her life in regards to the pandemic. I'm insulted that she's trying to use that as her excuse, fat azz!
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03/03 21:35
Her weight had her quarantined before Covid did... #my600lblife
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03/03 21:33
Why is she blaming COVID? She doesn't even leave the house, so I don't know why she is blaming COVID for not doing the diet. #my600lblife
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03/03 21:33
Covid has nothing to do with your diet! You don’t leave the house, so I wish she stop with her excuses! #my600lblife
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