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03/17 22:10
@mtvrrdarrell @CoryWharton @ChallengeMTV If you had to be taken out at least it was by someone who is humble and up and coming. Great fight by the both of you. Much respect Darrell! You always amaze us. Always humble. Great sportsmanship. 🐐 #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
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03/17 21:35
Cory killed that elimination but man it's hard to see Darrell go. I really want this legend to take it a step further and get his 5th win in the modern generation. I know he'll get there soon 👑🔥🙏

#TheChallengeDoubleAgents #TheChallenge
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03/17 21:33
#TheChallenge #TheChallenge36

Me after watching Darrell get eliminated:
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03/17 21:32
Darrell gone. My night aint even hype no more. Why continue to drag out this season? Jus play the fckin final already so we can get a new season of darrell #thechallenge36 #challenge36 #thechallenge #thechallengedoubleagents
0 7
03/17 21:27
Since Darrell gone, I don’t want anyone to win #thechallenge
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