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02/28 21:47
One suppressed shot to make them split up and scatter, one unsuppressed to bait them in, straight back to suppressed fire. I think these "Reapers" are going to spell trouble for everyone if they don't wipe them out soon. #TWD #TheWalkingDead
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02/28 21:46
These reapers work pretty fast 😬 #TWD
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02/28 21:44
The whistle of the bullet before hitting this dude right in the throat...😱 These Reapers seem well trained. Could mean big trouble for the group. #TWD
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02/28 21:43
Saviors, Whisperers, Reapers...what would YOUR #TWD villain group be called? 🤔
19 210
02/28 21:43
Reapers, whisperers, saviors.. Can't catch a break. #TWD #TheWalkingDead
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