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04/18 07:13
I love Patrick and Belinda. Love how quirky they both are, comfortable to be who they are and wear what they like. They took their time to develop a friendship, then relationship rather than rushing. I wish them both the most wonderful future together. #mafs #MAFSAU
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04/18 07:03
Some people do double denim. Belinda does double blue crochet. #MAFSAU #MAFS
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04/18 07:03
i gotta tell ya, i love patty and belinda. they're weird as fuck, of course, but like... isn't finding someone whose weirdness matches yours like this the dream? #mafsau #MAFS
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04/18 07:03
Dude, NOBODY could give two shits about Patrick and Belinda right now. #MAFS #MAFSAU #mafsaustralia
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04/18 07:03
I wouldn't be calling Patrick & Belinda's relationship adorable. I'd go with cringeworthy. Level fucking 10 #MAFS #MAFSAU
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