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02/28 01:31
Okay...Not only is the homie @nickjonas KILLIN IT in @nbcsnl OVERALL as host AND musical guest tonight, but that performance of his new song "This Is Heaven" was 🔥🔥 !!! I'm now OBSESSED with it and can't wait to play it on air!!!
#NickJonas #SNL
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02/28 01:05
Well @nickjonas, you KILLED it on #SNL. Proud of you and can’t wait for the album to drop! Now drop This Is Heaven. Right meow.
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02/28 01:03
So proud @nickjonas ❤️ ...now pls release this is heaven 👀 #snl
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02/28 01:00
I like This Is Heaven more then Spaceman. The backing vocals, jacks drumming & Lenny the sax guy killing it on the sax!! #snl #Spaceman #nickjonas #nickonsnl
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