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03/16 13:04
If you as a black person — or any POC, really — think that you can “adequately” represent your entire race in order to keep people from being racist, you’re lost.

And white people eating that line up is gross. Free yourself from respectability politics, my cousins! #TheBachelor
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03/16 12:26
i really do not care if rachael never finds love. that's her business and it's not fair to try to guilt a Black person into taking you back and dealing w your racist ass baggage #TheBachelor
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03/16 10:52
So we finally got a black bachelor... he chooses a racist over a queen... and walks away with no girl... got me feeling like Dr. Umar rn Lmaooooo #TheBachelor
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03/16 10:32
White people telling a black man that he was wrong for not wanting to take back his racist girlfriend is insane to me LMFAO #TheBachelor
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03/16 09:41
if #TheBachelor franchise wants to change they need a whole new team of producers and editors, not just more diverse cast. the way they could so easily manipulate and portray a black man as the “problem” on this season shows this franchise is racist to its core
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