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03/02 20:43
Liza is smart don’t answer none of their questions they will use it against it later #BasketballWives
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03/02 20:40
They just trying to find out Liza business. Evelyn and Shaunie are sneaky. #BasketballWives
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03/02 20:22
So Liza’s whole storyline gonna be about Lamar jr.’s college fund #BasketballWives
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03/02 20:22
So Liza dont have any other business to tell her story from but Lamar #BBWLA #BasketballWivesLA #BasketballWives
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03/02 20:21
#BasketballWives I’m still puzzled as to how they got that Liza is still in love with Lamar when she literally just wants the college fund money for her son and that’s it.
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