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04/14 06:56
Samantha is projecting her emotions from her ex husband into cam and coco #mafs #MAFSAU
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04/14 06:55
Sam thought he was an alpha male by going after Bryce, calling him Gonzo all the time... Until he met a real alpha male in Cam.

Tried to push, Cam didn't bite, and Sam just chucked a tanty like a child. And even a San and Sam tag team did nothing.

Love it

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04/14 06:53
I don’t know man... I feel that they are being a bit rough on Coco. Like, get the fuck over it...you didn’t like Cam and you didn’t care, but now you do? Please #MAFS #MAFSAU #MAFSAustralia
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04/14 06:53
Samantha you were done with Cam before CoCo swanned in #mafs #mafsau
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04/14 06:52
Samantha nailing it, Coco and Cam are the flogs. #mafsau #MAFS
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