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02/22 21:10
reminder to not go and send hate and stuff to the actress that plays ana, she’s just playing a role it’s not her fault #911onFOX
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02/22 21:07
absolute nightmare of an episode... what is @CancelledAgain's obsession with forced one-dimensional heterosexuality? throw ana flores in the bucket with the lenas and the alis and the abbys and the shannons. nobody is here for them. #911onFOX
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02/22 21:05
Oh, yes. Ana is the love of his life 🙄 #911onFOX
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02/22 21:04
christopher honey it’s time for u to throw a fit bc ana no good #911onFOX
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02/22 20:55
lets just pretend Ana never existed and this episode was just perfect??? #911onFOX
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