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04/18 07:19
@LexiDaish Yep! 😄 I was just thinking if Bryce had lied to everyone in the group and said it was his sister then been caught out Bec would be the first in his face. #MAFS #MAFSAu
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04/18 07:10
Thank you to everyone’s undying support during this dumpster fire of a show. You’ve all made it somewhat bearable. Thanks for being the Melissa to my Bryce. ✌🏼

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04/18 07:05
And before I sign off forever... Bryce Ruthven is a gaslighting manipulative abusive asshole who deserves only the worst.

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04/18 06:57
Why is the #MAFSAustralia sisterhood not as vocally outraged as they were when they were going after Bryce? Seems hypocritical #mafsau #mafs
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04/18 06:55
The twist of this season was that Rebecca was more of a cheater than Bryce and Cam. #mafs #mafsau
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