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03/03 03:59
Wouldn't it be weird if Melissa's ex is watching #mafs with his wife and mentioned .. " hey l know her, she's my ex" ... Oops 🤐
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03/03 03:53
Don’t be shy, Melissa, pop an entire tube of Nair in his 4-in-1 shampoo 🤗 #MAFS #MAFSAU
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03/03 03:51
How about, instead of judging Melissa for maintaining a relationship with her ex for 12 years, we examine the social structures that led to her feeling a need to see him for comfort? #MAFS #MAFSAU
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03/03 03:50
Maybe Melissa keeps going back to her ex because the sex is good and she's allowed to have sex with no strings attached like all the males on this show. #MAFS #MAFSAU
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03/03 03:50
Melissa reeks of desperation I wish she'd hold back a bit FFS #mafsau #mafs
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