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03/03 05:03
Coco is the reason I just generally don't like females #mafs
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03/03 05:00
If Coco and Cam like each other and tell their partners before acting on it and blame the experts for matching the wrong people, would it really be a bad thing? 👀

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03/03 04:58
It’s disappointing to see Coco interested in making a move on Cam when just last week she told Samantha that she had her back. Great to see women supporting women *insert sarcasm here* #MAFS #MAFSAU
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03/03 04:56
Coco: why are you here?
Cam: for a one night stand! I mean love, LOVE! #MAFS #MAFSAU
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03/03 04:55
Coco and Cam starting their own “we hate the Sams” club. #MAFSAustralia #mafs #MAFSAUS
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