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04/24 07:08
#DragRace On another note, what was it was half-assed lip sync performances? Was thee finale shot at 4am or something? Not so entertaining.
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04/24 06:53
THAT WAS A FUCKING FINALE!!! @RuPaulsDragRace what an epic season!! And a very worthy winner!! And the @BetteMidler lip sync was PERFECT!! LOVED IT ALL CAN YOU TELL 🤣🤣 #dragrace
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04/24 06:52
The dancers in the #DragRace finale before every commercial break
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04/24 06:51
The winner was deserved and the finale format is dumbbb #DragRace
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04/24 06:50
From start til the finale. You were the best queen of the season!! Served us with professionalism and talent through all out the season! I luv u @omgheyrose !! 🧡 #DragRaceFinale #DragRace #RPDR13
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