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02/21 16:00
During that SNL weekend update segment they went on a rant against almost every religion and race and of course Michael Che gets held to account for a joke that was pretty lightweight and on par with all of the other jokes. It was not anti-Semitic #MichaelChe #SNL
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02/21 09:33
Meanwhile, anti-semitism is alive and well and being applauded by the woke crowd.

Shame on #SNL #SaturdayNightLive

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02/21 01:00
Shit, we should be able to tase anti-maskers at the store. #SNL
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02/21 00:42
@nbcsnl Patiently awaiting a Michael Che retraction and apology. His Anti-Semitic jokes are dangerous. @ColinJost #weekendupdate #SaturdayNightLive #SNL #michaelche
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