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03/16 02:18
That being said, from what I saw, accountability has been taken and hopefully this new Rachael can continue this progress. #thebachelor
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03/16 02:16
The thing is... it’s not “Rachael in 2018 vs Rachael now” because Rachael in 2018 was the same exact Rachael up until those photos surfaced. #TheBachelor
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03/16 01:58
Me when Emmanuel Acho said to Rachael “this may be the last time you ever see this man again” #TheBachelor
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03/16 01:53
Rachael when asked what concrete steps she’s taking to educate herself #TheBachelor
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03/16 01:51
@EmmanuelAcho: “what steps are you taking to be anti-racist?”

Rachael: “I could sit here and give you a list of what I’m reading, watching, and listening to, but this is about action.”

So.....she’s doing NOTHING?! This is horrifying.

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