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02/23 01:40
Looks like they got one of Michelle’s students to help out #TheBachelor
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02/23 00:49
Also I know I’ve said this already but I can’t get over how Michelle looks so similar to Rihanna! #thebachelor #Bachelor
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02/23 00:22
So I’m guessing Michelle doesn’t win because of all of the crap with Rachel... but the fact that he might not choose her is blowing my mind!! I don’t know if I’ve ever loved a contestant more. She’s got every quality anyone could ever ask for. #TheBachelor
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02/23 00:13
I’m very emotional watching the beginning of Michelle’s home town date. Thank you to her and all of the teachers who put their students first and go the extra mile for. How they have adapted over this past year has been incredible #theBachelor
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02/22 23:38

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