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03/01 18:07
I’ve just found out that Eden from Love Island Australia and Cyrell from Married at First Sight now have a baby together.

I’m also a bit ashamed that I know who both these people are.

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03/01 17:35
Just finished 41 episodes of the most manipulative, thrashy, toxic, downright thrillingly entertaining shows in Married At First Sight Australia.

And now I am off to purge my soul with a rewatch of True Detective season one.
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03/01 17:23
Two days ago I’d never seen Married At First Sight Australia and now I’m hooked.
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03/01 17:21
#MarriedAtFirstSightAus I’m absolutely gutted that Married At First Sight Australia omg that Jess is a pice of work and so is her little instigator friend Maratha 😡😡
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03/01 17:18
Married at First Sight Australia (MAFS AU) Season 6 was the best season of reality TV ever. Rest in peace, you absolute mess.
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