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02/10 21:52
I dont care who wins in the end @theresa_m_jones IS this season. Her comeback. Her gameplay. Her as a competitor. Her coming to play and not being scared. She gave us her all. THANK YOU T💜✨

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02/10 21:45
With @theresa_m_jones coming back this season, I hope that opens the doors up for other moms to show how badass y’all are ❤️

First on my mom return wishlist: @ToriMTV 😭

#TheChallenge #TheChallenge36 #TheChallengeDoubleAgents
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02/10 21:32
She’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment. I mean come on now. @theresa_m_jones #TheChallenge #TheChallenge36
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02/10 21:32
Objectively Kaycee has been the best player this season. She's running the Big Brother alliance, won dailies, eliminated Theresa, easily has been on the right side every vote this season, and hasn't had a target on her as the "biggest threat."

#TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge
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02/10 21:29
Me watching Kaycee and Theresa #TheChallenge
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