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06/09 21:45
Lisa has this pattern of getting flack one season and spending the next one or two grovelling. I wish she’d just say “fuck Denise Richards and fuck whoever has a problem with it” cause I’m so tired of this storyline about someone who QUIT THE SHOW 🥱 #rhobh
1 10
06/09 21:42
What we not gonna do is compare Denise leaving the show for unfounded rumors with a Rape story...that’s beyond ridiculous #RHOBH
1 16
06/09 21:42
Really Lisa? Really? You're really comparing Denise's situation with a sexual assault?? #RHOBH
0 15
06/09 21:40
Lisa R is such a con artist and the biggest actress on this show. She stays trying to defend her shitty behavior towards Denise. No one is buying anything she is saying #rhobh
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06/09 21:38
Is Denise Richards getting paid for how she’s still leading the story like this season? #RHOBH
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