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03/17 22:39
03/17 22:30
The way that kid popped up and Jays first instinct was to “push” Hailey aside bc she didn’t see him first #Upstead #ChicagoPD
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03/17 22:29
Oh, as much as I love watching Upstead working together, them finding a dead body is never fun. #ChicagoPD #Upstead
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03/17 22:22
@NBCOneChicago Flirty #Upstead was so needed! Thank you! Thank you! ❤️ #ChicagoPD
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03/17 22:21
@NBCOneChicago Give me more #Upstead content! Hailey's smile, poor Jay it got a little too real 😂😂 #ChicagoPD
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