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05/12 20:20
Ok Ryan...you chose to stay so make those bed springs sing tonight 🤣 #MAFS #MarriedatFirstSight
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05/12 20:20
Ryan will name his baby if it's a girl "fer-Sher" If it's a boy Phor-Shure #Marriedatfirstsight #MAFS
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05/12 20:20
I knew Ryan wouldn’t have the balls to call it quits even though he wants out. What a guy #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS
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05/12 20:20
Honestly..its a no for me...i give it 6months to a year Clara/Ryan #MarriedAtFirstSight
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05/12 20:20
#MarriedAtFirstSight Pastor Cal said for Ryan & Clara to go and do what married people do.

Literally Ryan.
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